It’s hard to imagine the dry homemade brownies of old when we think about cannabis edibles.

The expertise and techniques behind creating a great tasting edible experience have developed far beyond our parents’ pans!

There are so many cannabis-infused delicacies out there that it can be hard to decide which one to try. But we have a few that just might excite your taste buds! These delicious weed treats come in a variety of flavors and dosages – explore some treats from our Cannabis Kitchen to suit your palette!

In the United States, cannabis is becoming increasingly legal. That means that THC-laced edibles are getting more delicious as more people are becoming interested in trying them out. If you are one of the people who want to buy cannabis edibles but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’re sharing the best edible cannabis treats you can get. Read on for more.

1. Oreo Balls

‍Give a spin on the classic favorite by adding THC. These perfect little balls of deliciousness are easy to make and are rich with that distinct Oreo cookie flavor. The crunch of the dark cookie blends well with the creaminess of the filling, and the added THC doesn’t disrupt the delicious flavor.

2. Cheesecake

What’s your favorite kind of cheesecake? Whether you like rich and creamy vanilla bean or fresh strawberries on top, mixing in THC is a great way to achieve the effects you need while enjoying one of the most decadent desserts on the planet.

3. Pumpkin Loaf

‍A fall favorite, cannabis pumpkin loaf bread is a spicy-sweet way of feeling good. The pumpkin spices that are blended into the mix invoke memories of cool Octobers as the warm bread hits your tongue.

The loaf literally melts in your mouth while the THC does its job as well.

4. Biscuits and Gravy

Who knew that this Southern classic could be so cool? You can enjoy THC biscuits and gravy by adding THC butter or oil into the dough or into the gravy itself. The warm, buttery biscuits are softened by the piping hot gravy, giving you a comforting feeling as you enjoy this homestyle dish with a twist.

5. Assorted Cookies

‍From chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter, snickerdoodle, or white chocolate, THC enhances every type of cookie there is. Simply add the cannabis component into the cookie dough while kneading and rolling away, and you’ll bake a perfect little circle of heaven. Enjoy right out of the oven for the best experience!

6. Brownies

‍Of course, brownies are the most traditional edible in the United States. However, don’t settle for dry or crumbly brownies. Our staff ensures there’s enough oil, butter, water, and eggs to ensure that our brownies are fudgy and melt-in-your-mouth good.

Even with a decadent, filling recipe, our brownies are known to make whoever tastes them feel lighter and happier!

7. Buffalo Chicken Dip

‍Again, some of the most traditional dishes can be created to include THC. Buffalo chicken dip is no exception; this fan-favorite takes the savory and spicy flavor of buffalo sauce to a whole new level.

Next time you’re relaxing at home, watching the game, take a try at our buffalo chicken dip!

8. Marshmallow Bars

‍Do you remember whipping up those yummy marshmallow bars as a kid? The sweet, marshmallow and buttery flavor of these treats are a delicious way to get your intake of THC.

These gooey snacks are chewy and sticky, making them the ideal afternoon snack or an easy treat for those who are more on the go.

9. Coffee

‍Everyone enjoys the bold, rich flavor of hot coffee in the morning. But how much more would you enjoy your daily cup of joe if it was infused with cannabis?

THC-infused coffee is a great way to energize yourself while taking the edge off of anxiety that can be exacerbated by caffeine. What’s more, the bold taste of the coffee beans is a perfect way to start the day.

10. Popsicles

‍On a hot summer day, popsicles are a delicious and refreshing way to cool down. But did you know that you can add THC into popsicle juice before freezing it to make them cannabis edibles?

These popsicles make great edibles and are very discrete. Just make sure to keep them out of reach of children!

11. Tea

‍Tea is a classic, refreshing beverage that has quite a few health benefits. You can add THC to tea to increase its benefits.

Tea is definitely one of our favorite ways to ingest cannabis. Whether you like sweet tea, iced tea, peach tea, or anything else, rest assured that you can enjoy a cold sip of cannabis tea in our kitchen.

Try a Cannabis Edible Today

‍Edibles are becoming more modern and delicious, which means that if you’ve tried them in the past but have knocked them, you might be missing out. Now that you’re aware of these yummy sweet weed treats, you can try a cannabis edible today and see what all of the fuss is about. Thank us later!

At Med Pharm, we believe cannabis shouldn’t just make you feel good; it should taste good, too! Learn more about our story to find out what makes our products so special.