Did you know that CBD can treat dogs in much the same way as humans?

Recent studies have explored the effectiveness of using CBD to help dogs live better, healthier lives. CBD is taken from the leaves of cannabis plants and used to ease discomfort from a variety of ailments in both humans and animals.

‍Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the part of cannabis that brings on psychoactive effects. CBD treats don’t have THC in it, unlike marijuana and hemp.

So, CBD dog treats won’t give your canine a high or have the same effects as marijuana. Instead, your dog may reap a list of benefits, which we’ll get into below. Keep reading to learn more!

Anxiety Relief for Dogs with CBD Dog Treats

Much like humans, dogs experience anxiety over a lot of experiences in life!
Some dogs develop anxiety after being in stressful situations. Anxiety is particularly common among rescue dogs and those subjected to tough circumstances. Dogs can also have anxiety about traveling, being home alone, or being exposed to loud noises. Sometimes, they even get anxious around children, strange people, or new additions to the family.

Anxiety can manifest in dogs in a variety of ways. You might notice your dog shaking a lot or licking its paws. They might become overly aggressive or bark a lot. Some dogs also go to the bathroom in the house.

‍If your dog starts acting out in ways that aren’t typical of its behavior, you might want to do more research into dog anxiety.

CBD can help alleviate dog anxiety. CBD dog treats change their brains’ receptor response to serotonin, calming them down. So, if you have an anxious pet, try a daily CBD treat!

Improve Your Dog’s Appetite

Sometimes, dogs experience changes in eating patterns.

‍This happens for a variety of reasons. Some dogs experience it as a sign of age. Older dogs move around less, burning fewer calories. As such, they need less food to maintain their energy levels. Others begin to crave different tastes and may refuse to eat what they used to love.

‍Sometimes, refusing to eat stems from anxiety or a change in routine. Dogs love being on a routine, so they might not want to eat when they’ve undergone a life change.

CBD can help them regulate their eating patterns. CBD dog treats have the additional benefit of being a source of food themselves. While your dog should also eat nutritious dog food, you can give them CBD treats to get something in their system and get them eating.

‍CBD can also help your dog with its digestive issues. Digestive issues can come about as a result of anxiety. As such, when your dog’s anxiety gets calmed, they might eat without as many ailments.

Relieve Pain in Dogs

Dogs who experience a lot of pain will likely experience a lower quality of life. They might not be as active, especially if they have arthritis or joint inflammation.

‍CBD calms down the nervous system and prevents your dog from experiencing so much pain. As such, you might notice them growing more active and happy.

Before you start CBD treatments for your dog’s pain, you should take them to the vet. A professional can assess them for any underlying conditions and provide personalized advice.

‍CBD can also interact with other medications. So, you should ask the vet if it would interact with any other medication your dog takes.

Nausea Relief for Dogs

If your dog suffers from nausea, give CBD dog edibles a try.

‍When your dog has nausea, their eating patterns may change. It may eat less or have excess saliva. Dogs that have nausea might also try to chew everything they can see. This happens even in dogs that don’t often chew things.

‍CBD eases your dog’s nausea and helps them feel better faster.

However, you should take your dog to the vet if nausea has persisted for a long time. Ongoing nausea can serve as a symptom of diseases. These include temporary illnesses, such as the flu. It can also be symptomatic of diseases like liver and kidney failure or cancer.

‍While CBD can’t cure these diseases, it can alleviate the symptoms. So, if your dog has a diagnosis, ask your vet about using CBD as a supplement to the treatment. This can give your dog a higher quality of life while they recover from the disease.

They Might Experience Fewer Seizures

Some people use CBD to treat their dogs’ seizures.

‍CBD seems to have some anti-convulsing properties. This might prevent them from having seizures in the first place.

‍Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system. This system helps us maintain homeostasis, which is a stable internal environment. Epilepsy interferes with a mammal’s ability to maintain homeostasis. As a cannabinoid, CBD helps the endocannabinoid system maintain its internal environment and it may prevent bad epileptic attacks.

The research on CBD and CBD is still forthcoming. Most of the evidence remains anecdotal. Yet, for dogs with epilepsy, it might be worth a try.

Ready to Give Your Pup a CBD Treat?

CBD dog treats can help your furry friend live a healthier life.

In addition to the benefits listed above, CBD treats tend to boost a dog’s willingness to get active. This staves off potential issues with weight and encourages healthy exercise.

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